COVID-19 Update

Based on the responses to the troop survey and current IDPH, CDC, and BSA Council guidelines, all scouts and adults will continue to wear masks at meetings and campouts, except for leader-designated “mask optional” activities. One example would be a hike where social distancing is easy to do.
Carpooling and tenting will continue as before, family choice. If you need a ride or a tent buddy, please reach out directly to families signed up for the campout.

Here are links to the relevant guidelines:

Thanks for your patience as we navigate this mess.

Scout Webmaster

The Scout webmaster is an official position of responsibility, held by a scout. The webmaster’s responsibilities are:

  •  Work with various unit members on needed topics.
  •  Ensure the Web site is as youth-run as possible.
  •  Help out Web site where needed.

The Scout webmaster fulfills his responsibilities by:

  •  Following the troop’s policies and guidelines for the website.
  •  Responding to requests to add/delete email addresses from the troop website.
  •  Updating information on the website, either by request or by his own initiative.
  •  Pruning old pages and information, either by request or by his own initiative.
  •  Adding pages, tabs and links, either by request or by his own initiative.

The Scout Webmaster will need to learn to use the tools of the website provider to fulfill his responsibilities.

Significant changes will be discussed with an adult leader.

Contact the Site Webmaster and CC another adult on all correspondence.

New Troop 6100

BSA Troop 100 and coed Venture Crew 100 is now joined by an inaugural troop for girls! The new troop began Feb 1, 2019, with 9 girls ranging from 5th to 10th grades. This new troop makes the entire scouting program available to girls, including camping, High Adventure, and the path to Eagle Scout.  Contact us now at if you are interested in becoming a Scout.

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