( WORK IN PROGRESS – last edited 2/19/15)


  1. About the web site and email distribution list 
  2. Guidelines

About the web site and email distribution list:

Naperville Scout Troop 100 maintains a private web site and a private email distribution list for purposes directly relating to the activities of the troop.  Access to the web site and distribution list is limited to those who have a good reason for being included. Troop 100 members & volunteers, parents & guardians of troop youth, and interested alumni are all welcome. Those with access may edit the web site and post messages to the email distribution list.

The web site is both public and private. The email distribution list is hosted by Google.  Access to contents beneath is limited to those signed into WordPress. Membership to the troop100naperville googlegroup is granted only to those with good reason to have it.  

The owners/operators of the web site and googlegroup are:

  • Margaraet Votava – Troop 100 Committee Member
  • Scot Meyer – Troop 100 Scoutmaster
  • Neil Alexander – Troop 100 Committee Chair
  • A troop 100 scout in the position of responsibility “Troop Webmaster” may operate the web site.
  • An adult owner/operater can be contacted at


These guidelines have been established by referencing the BSA “Unit Web site Guidelines” ( and COPPA, “Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act” ( ).  These guidelines should be observed both when editing the web site and when posting the the email distribution list.

  • A link to these guidelines shall be prominently placed on the web site home page.
  • The scout oath says a scout is courteous and kind.  Please be courteous and kind in all communications.
  • Post NO PICTURES ( for now, until we establish guidelines )
  • The unit site and emails should not contain anyone’s personal information, including address, email and phone number, without their consent.
  • Personal information found on the unit site or in emails should not be shared with third parties or made publicly available.
  • The unit site and emails should contain only content, or external links to content, that is directly related to and appropriate for Scouting.
  • The unit site and emails should not contain advertisements or commercial/political endorsements of any kind.