Welcome to Boy Scouts of America Troop 100 of Naperville, IL. On this site you will find information regarding the various leadership contact information as well as the troop calendar. Photo albums of pack/den events will also be available shortly. The member area is not public and is only viewable by parents and members of Troop 100.  Please respect each other’s privacy and do not copy rosters or specifics regarding a Troop event in other public forums (twitter, facebook, etc).    

If someone is interested in learning more about Troop 100, please invite that individual to one of our weekly troop meetings with Den leader’s permission.   Lastly, if posting photographs in other forums, please use only the Scout’s initials – not full names.  This is following BSA policy guidelines. 

Thank you for making Troop 100 a great group!

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Please read and adhere to the guidelines for this site and forum.

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Do you want to see where your scout is at in advancement? We use Scoutbook online. Be sure to add your scout as we cannot do this for you due to COPA restrictions.

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